Our Mission

We believe our mission  at NLBC is Connecting Real People to a Real God.  If you choose to visit us you will see exactly what we mean!  Here you will meet all kinds of people . At any given worship gathering you will cross paths with others who are looking for hope in a world that is often dark. Together we will search the Bible to find answers to life's greatest questions. Our main goal is to help people have transformed lives and relationships through the power of Jesus Christ.

Everyone has some type of compass that guides their decisions.  At New Life we call them Core Values, they are the set of biblical boundaries that help us know how to engage in the mission. At New LIfe Baptist Church we...

  • attempt to align our lives and our worship with God's Word, the Bible.  One of our greatest joys and responsibilities is to make sure we present the truth of God's Word in a clear, understandable, and helpful way as people grow closer to God.
  • believe the message of Jesus Christ transforms lives.  It is only through the blood of Jesus that we can have peace with God.
  • understand that we are strongest when we are earnestly and continually praying to God.  Prayer is our lifeline and our privilege.
  • believe the church must be a place for innovation and creativity.  The  message of the Gospel is the greatest story the world can hear and we will use every tool at our disposal to proclaim that message.
  • value people and will foster a place of refuge for the hurting and sick.  We will seek to train up leaders and unleash our church's potential.
  • desire for everyone to experience community by participating in small groups, ministry teams, or simply sharing life together.
  • recognize excellence pleases God and inspires His people.  We strive to do the best we can with the resources God has given us.